Energy Retrofits

In managing your properties it is very important to keep up on the myriad of energy savings programs available. They might be from any of your utility providers including;  DWP, So Cal Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric, and any municipal utility provider. Most programs have a specific time frame, item (lights, water) and dollar amount related to them. It is easy to find your utilities’ web sites and all the information will be posted there. Many will provide you a regular update and notice to your respective emails. These programs not only benefit the environment, but also add to the efficiency and effectiveness of utility use and bottom line dollars to owner possibly through their professional residential or commercial managers.

Here is a sample LADWP Newsletter:


Commercial Lighting Efficiency Offer (CLEO) Program Update
As of August 31, 2011, there has been a change to the LADWP energy efficient lighting retrofit incentive program known as the Commercial Lighting Efficiency Offer, or CLEO.Under the new policy, existing lighting fixtures employing High-Performance ballasts are ineligible for rebate consideration.The change applies to CLEO rebate applications received on or after August 31, 2011. The new 2011-2012 CLEO application forms now include the revised “Terms and Conditions” and must be used along with the required spreadsheets.For more information on the CLEO program or to download application forms, please CLICK HERE.
LADWP Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs
LADWP has several programs for customers who want to reduce their electricity usage and their monthly utility bills. If your business has lighting, heating, ventilation and/or air conditioning, motors, and chillers, we may have a program that is right for you.
For more information on these programs and financial incentives currently available,
LADWP’s RCx Express
(Retro-commissioning) Program
Restore Your Building to Optimal Performance and Lower Your Electricity Costs
Commercial customers can lower their electricity bills and building operating costs by implementing one or more of the 13 measures in LADWP’s RCx Express (Retro-commissioning) Program. This is a simplified program that requires minimal system data and uses “prescribed” savings calculations, which makes the process much easier. The process ensures that all building systems perform interactively according to the contract documents, the design intent, and the owner’s operational needs. 

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LA Commercial Building Performance PartnershipSaving Money Saves Energy. Bottom Line.
Do you want to reduce costs, add to your bottom line, and make your property more energy and water efficient?The LA Commercial Building Performance Partnership offers a suite ofFREEresources designed to support holistic building performance upgrades, including: 

  • FREE comprehensive evaluation of your property, including an Energy Star benchmarking report, and recommendations performed by engineering firms;
  • FREE facilitated access to LADWP and Southern California Gas Company rebates and incentives, as well as state and federal tax credits, and;
  • FREE introductions to third party financing options, so you can use your capital for other strategic investments.

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LADWP’s Non-Profit Retrofit Services Program Moves Forward
The LADWP has joined forces with the non-profit business community to make L.A. the greenest big city in America. The Non-Profit Retrofit Services program offers non-profit businesses an opportunity to assess and upgrade their facilities at no cost. 

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